Wires-X Features in the Kansas City Room

Wires-X offers several features that most hams are not aware of. It gives us the capability to upload and download three types of files. These are pictures, audio and text files. The Original Kansas City Room (#28952) has a number of files availale for download. 

We have Public Service Announcments, a few text messages and a number of photos on file.


If you are not familiar with Wires-X files please read this document. It pertains to the FT2-DR handheld but the process is the same across most Fusion radios.

The voice files currently available:




* Joe Walsh PSA #1

* Joe Walsh PSA #2


and a throwback to the 1960's

the following PSA's on what to do in the event of a Nuclear Attack:


* Supplies

* Fallout

* Government Information

* Shelter Information #1

* Shelter Information #2

* Shelter Information #3

* Fire Hazards

* Emergency Water

* Take Cover

* Attack Warning

The Picture files currently available:



* KØHCV various repeater photos

* XMAS-1 thru XMAS-6

   from the JCRAC Christmas party

* Photos of the author installing his

   repeater antenna


There may be other photos on file posted by other hams.

There may be Text messages on file that have been posted by other hams. You can download a list of them and see if you would like to reply to anyone.

If you have the Yaesu camera microphone you can take snapshots with it and upload them to the room. You can also upload a voice recording or text message for others to download.


By using genuine Yaesu DR2-X repeaters all of these features are available for you to use.


For those using third party repeaters with digital cards in Fusion mode, some of these features will not work for you.


A few interesting things about accessing these files.


If you select a voice file to download it will actually play over the repeater you are accessing it through. This is because the Yaesu Fusion radios do not have the capability to store audio files therefore they are just played when you select them.

If you have an FTM-400, FTM-300, FT2 or FT3 you can view the photos on your screen when you download them.


An important fact to remember is that when you download any file it is only transmitted on the repeater you are using. They are not played on any other repeaters that are linked to our room.


Another cool feature is the ability to transmit an emergency message over our linked system. You can record a message and it will be played every 5 minutes for two hours.


I have used this to announce that our area was under a tornado watch to make sure that everyone listening was aware of the watch.


It seems a little excessive to transmit the message every 5 minutes but unfortunately that is hardcoded into Wires-X and cannot be changed.

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How to access Wires-X and use the News feature:

How to take a photo with the Yaesu MH-85 camera microphone and transmit it to everyone:

How to take and upload a photo to a Yaesu System Fusion room using the MH-85 camera microphone.